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Bulge under right ribcage

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A few months ago I discovered a large bulge under my right ribcage. I was mortified and did not see my doctor for three motnhs not wanting to know that it was cancer. I finally went and the doctor poked and prodded on the bulge tapping it with his reflex hammer while listening with his stethoscope. There was never any pain in the bulge and I have never passed any blood in my stool which are very infrequent. He ordered a full CT scan of the my abdomen.My bloodwork all came back way normal.
Thankfully the results of the CT scan came back normal except that I had a huge amount of stool in my large and small intestine which was causing the bulge.
My doctor sent me a note saying to come back in February for my normal appointment (I am diabetic ands see him every three months.)
My question is, should I take a Magnesium Citrate or some other thing to clean out my large and small intestine?
Also, if not Magnesium Citrate is there somethig else I should take to clean my intestines out?
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replied December 1st, 2010
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i have that - docs said it was fatty tissue - but that is not an answer. it turns out i have intercostal neuralgia mixed with some kind of bacterial infection which caused constipation(lump just above liver). in your case it may also be a hernia (between rib cage) - it won't show up in x-ray unless protruding. clean out your intestines. as far as cleansing - a health food store, vitamin store, etc. carries para cleanse, liver cleanse, etc. the other thing that can come in handy is black walnut mixture or vinegar; use it orally, analy or just rub it on your stomach. yes, the magnesium is really hard to use - i take trace parts of magnesium - peanuts also help with this (magnesium). from what i've read, if you leave it - it will get worse, likely liver cancer, etc. i guess just treat the inside of your body like you treat the outside and cleanse it evey day. i wish you luck
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replied April 28th, 2013
i would like to ask if one person has one bulge in his rib cage,could he change it into the normal rib? Some people say that this is caused by the lack of magnesium or vitamin D which lead the disease which because the bone cannot grow well since the child. Now he is adults, the question is he can or not to change his bulge of the rib and need any surgery or not?
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