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bug bite reaction in child.

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My son keeps waking up with bites. Usually about 5 to 8 of them at one time. Sometimes as few as 2. Its been happening for about 3 months. The area of the bite is very hard but the area around will spread with size for 2 days at least. The area swells up and welts around the bitten area which stays very hard. They go down in about a week and then you can see the bite. It is kind of hard and small and itches real bad. They scab then go away we will have a dramitic pause and it will occur again. The bites occurs on his arms back and chest. For the first time the other morning he had 1 on his cheek and 1 on his neck. They did not swell. Can anyone help? Doctors know they are bites but I can"t find any bugs! No bites with any other family members!
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replied June 19th, 2011
Some ideas for you,
Have you checked the mattress seams for bedbugs? You might also sleep in a chair near him, and after several hours turn on a bright flashlight and try to catch something.
Is there a pets box (flea bites) that he may ocasionally play in? Acompost pile? Ask him to show you some good hiding places... Is there a nearby yard that may be flea infested? (does your son mow grass?)Does he pet any neighborhood animals? I've dusted indoors with d.e. (diatomaceous earth) especially the carpet in front of the T V and pet areas. It is a natural insectacide, and can be bought at organic gardening centers -do NOT use the type formulated for swimming pools.
I've also heard of some folks spraying themselves with vanilla,and other natural odiferous things, but I don't know of these things personally, and would not advise for around the eyes, or the groin area.
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