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Bug bite identification

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Hi. so a couple days ago i noticed a small bug bite on my arm and thought nothing of it. Over the past couple days the bite has gotten raised, (it looks like a big lump is on the side of my arm) and a lot of redness has shown and SPREAD. the spreading has reached to probably about 4-5cm. It itches, and is very warm to the touch. i see the bite mark in the middle which is letting out a little oozing fluid. please help. i took benadryl and put bactine and an ointment on it, but nothing seems to really be working. it also has a slight smell. im going to go to the doctor tomorrow but im really worried now and need a quick answer. please please help. any advice besides (did u ask this person and that person) would be thoroughly appreciated.

- katie
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replied January 11th, 2009
I think it might be a spider bite and really the only thing you can do is see your doctor.

Good Luck and Keep us posted.
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