hello, I'm 15. Both of my breasts have little pucks under them, but my left breast differs greatly and strangely than the right one. My actual nipple (left) appears to look (upclose) like its ripped or divided into many regions and each of those little divisions make it look like there's little bubbles all over it. I've probably had it since the fall, and I just can remember it appeAring. I looked at pagets disease pictures... And got really scared.... Please help me out!!! Tell me what this is!! I'm getting scared...

Its kinda red, sometimes little white scabs, never leaked, and always sticking out. Please ask me for pictures if you need them for better determination!! Thank you so much everyone!!!!
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replied April 4th, 2008
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When you say little pucks under your breasts, do you mean about lumps felt under nipples of your breasts or you think of wrinkled skin around nipple?
Are the white scabs itchy?
Sending a picture is a good idea!
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