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bubble on penis

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After a couple hours of fulling around i noticed a bubble like sack filled with fluid on my foreskin at the top of my penis. its not on the head but right below it and im not sure if its just irritated or i caught something. It doesnt really hurt however if its squeezed it hurts just alittle and i dont want to pop the bubble. I noticed it right after sex and it was the first time i saw this bubble ever. Its almost just like a blister you would get on your hand expet bigger and wrapped halfway around my penis.

Please somebody have some answers on what this thing is...
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replied July 16th, 2008
go to one of those family clinics where they check for pregnancy and STDs and have it checked out
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replied July 31st, 2008
same thing just happened to me. it was real small and by the time i finished reading your post it was bigger. i had just finished masturbating for the second time in an hour without using a lubricant. i think it is a blister from that. i'm going to give it a day (and look for your reply) before i get it checked out.

did you get it checked out? do you mind sharing what it is if you did, or if it went away on its own?
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