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Bruising on lower eyelid

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HI I wanted to know if anyone knows what could cause you to wake up with a bruise on lower eyelid. My husband woke up this morning with a swollen eye and the bottom part of he's eyelid is bruised looks like if he was wearing eyeliner. He did not hit himself or anything like that to cause he's eye to get like that. If anyone has an idea on what could has caused this please share your toughts. Thank you
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replied September 25th, 2009
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Since the lower eyelid area has very thin skin and net of fine blood vessels, it is an area particularly vulnerable to bruising.
So, a simple rubbing during sleep can result in a bruise.
This is more common if your husband is taking aspirin, motrin or other drugs that are considered blood thinners.
This can happen due to a high blood pressure, too.
He may visit his physician and ask for certain blood test for detecting possible clotting problems, regular blood count test and test for thyroid hormones.

Best wishes!
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