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Bruised Feeling all over my body after a night out drinking!!!!!

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Bruised feeling all over after a night out, drinking alcohol. this has been happening to me alot lately. I go out for example on a saturday nite, i drink the same amount as any of my friend with me, i wake up the next morning, dont feel too bad, but by about 9 o clock that evening i get these pains from head to toe, every single part of me feels bruised, my face, neck, torso, legs. it is so sore i can barely sleep that nite. This will last all through the following day and will ease off 24 hours after the inital on set of the pain. I sometimes mix drink when im out but i have (as an experiment) stuck to one drink and this still happens. Im just wondering does anyone know an answer to this and as to why this happens to me and nobody else i know. If there is something i could do to stop it i would as i really cannot deal with the pain anymore. Also some tiems i might not have that much to drink and it still happens. Any sugestions help would be really appreciated. Thanks!
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replied April 7th, 2012
i feel your pain
I would say you probably have an allergy to alcohol in general I know if I drink my body hurts all over and I don't want to get out of bed for days so I've decided this pain isn't worth the drinking. I would see a doctor just to make sure there is not an underlying cause.
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