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Brownish red mucus at 27 weeks pregnant ?

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Okay, so I know the first thing everyone will say, is if you're bleeding, go to the ER ASAP!
Well, I've gone to the ER here in San Antonio (where I'm vacationing for the next three days) and when I went and asked what was going on, and why it was happening, they told me it was old blood, and not to be worried unless it turns real pink or pink/red and starts getting heavy like BLOOD instead of the mucus like substance I have now.
My concern.. is that this is day three, going on four.
My cervix was checked for the second time last night, and the "bleeding" got more liquified after he did it. They said my cervix was fully closed and the small braxton hicks contractions I was having (without even knowing it) were not doing anything to me at all.
They kept me an extra few hours to keep checking me, and they sent me home.
I've had to wear panty liners for a day now, and the clotting mucus like substance has yet to ease up!
What is going on?!
Today, I've noticed when I have a bowel movement, with the added "pushing", I'm also pushing out more of the mucus. When I just urinate, I usually only see it when I wipe. I'm very concerned about why it has yet to ease up, and why its been doing this for three/four days so far.
Like I said, I asked the OB at the Labor and Delivery ER, and they told me it was fine unless it was causing me pain, or became REAL bloody and red.
When will this stop? What does it mean?
I have felt fine all week, kept a very VERY good diet, been VERY hydrated the entire time, have not left the house except to go to the ER one night, and have not lifted anything, or done anything more than walking to the kitchen, to the living room, or to my bedroom or the bathroom. What is going on?! Please any kind of help is really appreciated! I just want to make sure everything is okay!

Oh and also, I've been keeping track of my son's movements.. and he's been just as active as always! Both high, low, back, front, side to side and everything! Helpp!!!!
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replied January 8th, 2010
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Hi Kbeard068,

Go buy a disposal douche (vinger&water), this will help push the mucus out and it wont' hurt the baby. Drink plenty of cranberry juice and eat some plain yogurt. If the professionals have checked you out and informed you that there are no medical problems and the baby is ok, try these things...they won't hurt.

Good Luck

Faded Rose
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replied January 8th, 2010
i would take this as just another annoyance of pregnancy.

my mother-in-law had periods throughout pregnancy with 4 of her 5 children, all were carried very close to full term.

as im not OB/GYN i cant say what exactly is going on... but i can say that if 2 separate doctors have told you the same, to watch for heavy bleeding, else its fine... then i would do just that..

it is most likely (and this is just an educated guess really) that the braxton hicks contractions are simply pushing out a small amount of the mucus that holds your cervix closed, this would seem normal...

along with the fact that there are more posts than i can count with the same problem as yours, most being nothing worth worrying about, i would recommend that you simply try not to worry... if your son is moving fine, you feel fine, and its just old blood not fresh blood, then your pregnancy is fine.

maybe use this as an excuse to take a few days on the sofa with some chocs?
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