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Brownish discharge after sex

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Ok well I'm 18 years old and very healthy never had sex before till now with my boyfriend of 1 year and so my boyfriend and I had sex yesterday with protection he wore a condom and when he brought me home THAT SAME NIGHT i noticed a brown discharge on my underwear and I'm freaked out of my mind and I finished my period last saturday the 6th my periods are normal and I always get them in the beginning of the month mostly around the 4th or 5th of the month so yeah but I've been looking this up and it goes back to pregnancy or old blood that didn't come out during my period and it only happened yesterday that I got the brown discharge it hasn't happened to me at all today so can anyone help me please I'm the type of girl that freaks about anything and I'm so scared PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!
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First Helper jules8080

replied March 16th, 2010
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It is probibly just like what you saw online. It is old blood. Our bodies are weird and can hold onto stuff for awhile so even if you finished your period a week ago you could still have that happen. Also you should know that your vagina has very thin skin much thinner then the rest of your body. It is like many layers of really thin silk. So it is really easy to tear and get tiny cuts. So when women say they are sore from sex it is literally because they have a bunch of tiny rips in the skin of their vagina. So keep using the condoms and get some lube. Also if you have this happen again perhaps you should go see a DR.
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