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brownish discharge after exam

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My name is Megan and I am wondering about some brownish discharge that I have been having for the past two days. I am 38 weeks pregnant and I had an internal exam yesterday and I was 25% and 1 cm. A few hours after my exam, I started having this stringy (runny nose like) discharge that was tinted brown. I thought that it was just from having an internal so I ignored it. Well, my appointment was at 9:00 and it continued all day on and off. Today, I started having contractions that were an hour apart that progressed to 30-35 min apart for about 5 hours, then it stopped. I continued to have the discharge and now it's turning more of a pinkinsh-beige color. Not really sure what to think because I had an induction and c-section with my daughter who is 19 months old. Any opinions? Concerns? Guidance is appreciated!
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