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Brown spotting during perimenopause

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Is it common to have brown spotting after a period during perimenopause? I am nearly 49 and have been having irregular periods for several years now, with cycles ranging from nine days to over two months between periods.

A couple of days after my most recent period ended, I started some brown spotting. This has been going on for three days now, and is enough that I need to wear a panty liner. I also have had some PMS-like symptoms with the spotting, including a migraine that lasted two days (I often get these before or during a period, but not after), bloating, and some fatigue and tension. Is this another really early, very light period...or is it blood left over from my last period...or...? Has anyone else had this happen?
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replied March 3rd, 2010
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I have heard of this happening before...I really wouldn't worry....It's all part of Menopause.s..Take care..

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