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Millions of men experience prostate problems every year. But what defines prostate enlargement and how does the prostate grow as it enlarges?...
What puts a man at risk of having an enlarged prostate? And what causes the prostate to grow in the first place? Answer your questions here....
An enlarged prostate rarely occur before a man is 40. Learn the signs and symptoms BEFORE they occur. And know when to seek help for bothersome symptoms....
I am 42 and when I ejaculate my semen is brown. I have had prostititis in the past but why is my semen brown?
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First Helper butterbeanman

replied June 19th, 2011
Hey, I'm 47 and am experiencing the same thing. I also have some ED and have trouble urinating. Have you received any helpful advice on this?

I don't have medical insurance and don't know what to do.
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