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brown flaky discharge

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I hade a bladder infection and after antibiotic treatment I started to have white to brownish flakes in my urine. I also had for while white discharge, no smelly, and I didn't feel any pain. I just had to urine quite often. After I had a little sugar the discharge went brown and I got eaching and pain down on my genitals. I used treatment for east infection, what worked quite well. The eaching disapeard, and the discharge too. I was on non sweet and non east diet for about a week after that, but then I had a little of cake and I had the brownish flakes and little of brown discharge again. I didn't feel any pain or smell.
I am also on birth control pills, but during the bladder and east infection I didn't have a sex at all.
Do you have any idea what this brown flakes are? Can it be because of the sugar?
Can I have a east infection and not know about it? Is there any other symptoms of east infections or just burning, eaching and discharge from vagina?
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First Helper karinamama123

replied June 26th, 2009
what is this????
hi, im 40 years old i just got my period 12 days ago and 2 days ago i started to discharge like a brown mucus, im kind of worried because i've never had anything like this before. i just would like to know whta to do and what could be causing this??
thanks. karina
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