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brown flaky discharge after sex

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I am on the pill and had sex last night with a new boyfriend without a condom, it was quite rough and fast etc. but when he came inside me then pulled out i had some fairly dark bronwn discharge leaking out. I then went to the toilet to wipe it away and it was coming out in small flakes of light brown.

I have never had anything like this and would really like to know why it happened and how to prevent it!

If anyone has any ideas of what happened I would really appreciate it
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replied January 14th, 2009
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Could be a number of things. 1. His penis wasn't clean outside. 2. His penis isn't clean inside 3. You weren't clean outside. 4. You aren't clean inside 5. Did you use lubes or anything that would change the color? 6. Or it could just be the mixture of fluids, sweat, lotion etc. Make sure you both are squeeky clean before sex...Inside & out. Hope this helps.
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