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brown discharge?? miscarriage?? pregnant??

me and my bf had sex january 7th. he pulled out (i know what you're thinking... i know im smarter than that.) it was my first time, i got a uti after, read that is normal after your body is not used to sex. than waited for my period which usually comes in the 20's. it never came and i am now (january 30) and according to my last period i am 4 days late. today i started taking Dong Quai and vitamin c, it is medicine to start my period and technically terminate the "pregnancy". i am experiencing brownish- dark red clotting type of blood. ive read that it can mean my period might start and my body is pushing out old blood (lets hope its that one) and ive also read that that is the start of a pregnancy. but as id hope it is not that please tell me if this is okay and im not going to be pregnant and i should be fine and start soon. thank u!
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replied January 30th, 2017
btw i do know that when you lose your virginity your period tends to be pushed back due to your body adjusting and the anxiety you get from thinking you're pregnant.
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