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brown discharge coming out

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I need help asap! I have been having issues with odor and stuff. I have been having brown discharge and I dont know why. It feels like it hurts and then when I pee it feels better and a string of brown stuff comes out on the toilet paper. I dont know what is causing this. I am 16 and it is extremely embarressing and I feel like I am constantly running to the bathroom
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replied June 10th, 2011
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It sounds like you have an infection of some sort. Speak to your mom or nurse/doctor. Depending what it is, it can often be treated with antibiotics or a cream.

It sounds like a UTI (bladder infection) which are treated with antibiotics. It happenss when bacteria from your vulva goes up your urethra. Make sure everything touching your vulva is clean, wipe from the front to the back, and if you are sexually active, pee directly after sex.

Cranberry juice and lots of water can relieve the symptoms ( but not kill the bacteria).
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