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Brown discharge caused by diminishing fibroids?

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I have recently been successful in having some very very painful fibroids treated. It got to the stage where I used to vomit and nearly faint with the pain during the course of one or two days during my period. Only thing that relieved the pain was heavy doses of Brufen. All that has gone after being treated 4-6 months by my Homeopathic doctor and my periods are back to normal with some irritating symptoms but no major cramping pain. My question today is that I have had some very heavy brown discharge for the last few days (5 days after my period ended) and has been going onb for about 4 days. Coincidentally or not I feel very exhausted at the same time. Do you think that this discharge is related to the fibroids and is it possible that this is just the body's way of getting rid of the waste material (ie dead fibroid) ? I am 48 years old and my hormone levels were tested as normal 6 months ago. Any help or advice would be welcome.
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