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brown clots and swollen vagina

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I'm 34, have had 2 kids, and am of normal weight. I was four days late with my period, during those days I had sex and was abnormally dry. Never happened before. So then I go swollen and sore. I took a preg test after being late 2 days, it was Neg. So I finally got my period and for four days now it has only been little, dried up, brown blood clots or tissue, not gooey or wet at all. Even when I wipe, it isn't like left over on my pad or anything. It is the driest period I have ever had. My labias are super swollen now and I have even tried putting ice to reduce the swelling. Does anyone have an idea of what is wrong? I also have no cramping, but have been weepy and moody as hell. Just a little tired too. I am so confused!! Thanks in advance for any answers and thoughts!
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replied August 16th, 2008
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I think you should make an appointment with the doctor if it does not get better.
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