I am 14 1/2 weeks pregant. I was bleeding dark red and bright red. WIth alot of pain. I went to the hospital and the doctor was using the dopper and couldn't find a heart beat. He told me that he was sorry and the baby had probably passed I would need a D&C

The next day I went in for my ultrasound to comfirm the baby loss. They found a heart beat and also the baby was really moving around. Well I was so happy...

I am still bleeding brown and red.. I have been bleeding brown and red for three days when I sit down it hurts when I walk it really hurts moving one leg infront of the other.

Could I be having a Misscarriage. My doctor said that we really don't know. I will find out next week. Has anyone experiened this and it was or wasn't a misscarriage?
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