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Brown almost black period? Discharge?

So I took the time action pill (plan B) because he came in me. So I expected my period to come a few days later because it always comes after I take the was like a week or so later and I finally started. Noticing light brownish pinkish discharge on my underwear. I started cramping like usual and then today is my second day and it got heavier but it was still light. Like it was the amount of bleeding I'd have on my second to last normal period day. Well, it's been two days and its been very very very dark to the point it looks black. And it has alot of clots as well. It's still light. Is there something wrong or is it normal? Is it my period or not? Am I possibly pregnant?
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replied October 22nd, 2017
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It does noit sound like anything is wrong. The withdrawal bleeding is most often after 7 days. Clots and the very dark blood goes together.

Only a pregnancy test in 2 weeks time can say if you are pregnant.

Please please PLEASE stop having sex without birth control. Plan B is meant for emergencies only. Taking care of things before sex is much safer than trying to stop pregnancy after.

Best of luck!
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