im a teenager. I'm a virgin and i fear i am pregnant.

What I'm about to tell you may be disturbing and scary, believe me I'm freaking out my self. I think I'm pregnant and I think it my be my brothers. of course we haven't had sex AND I WOULD NEVER! as I am fully against acts of insest and deem it to be evil. However I still fear it is his. He is only 10. Before you judge allow me to explain the situation, and no this is not a joke and I would really appreciate some advise.

One day, after we returned from the beach, I was having a shower,my bother a bath.
He left the bath in after he got out so I could use it. Something commonly done in my home as we prefer not to waste water. I got in and after awhile I notices some white stringy stuff on the side wall of the bath, instantly my mind turned to the idea of it being semen.
His semen. Quickly I jumped out of the bath and let it out. I know its rare and highly unlikely but its still possible that the semen in the bath found its way in to my vagina.
I have heard stories of women getting pregnant in baths before as semen are known to 'thrive' in warm water.
If this is true and is happening to me I fear for my brother, and myself. The options that lay before me are all terrifying.
these are my options (if I am pregnant)
*1) abortion
*2) running away, having the child and adopting it out-all with out my family knowing
*3) suicide

So far the only symptoms I have noticed are:
*fullness in the lower abdomen
*increased vaginal discharge (although I'm not fully sure about this one)
*tiredness- but nothing more than usual.

I would also like to point out that all this happen 1 day after my period. I am terrified and fear the worst. Advice would be much appreciated.-Thank you
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replied January 8th, 2014
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Take a deep breath and relax. There are some very good reasons that you aren't pregnant.
Like you many people traditionally share bathwater, sometimes from custom and sometimes for economy. Stories of women being made pregnant that way are mostly exaggerations. I won't say it is impossible but I have never heard of a verified case. You have to remember a woman who is pregnant who shouldn't be is apt to tell tall tales from desperation and some people will choose to believe anything and the sensationalist press will print anything...

First it might not have been semen. Ten year old boys are not noted for masturbating with any great success.
Next if it was semen and not snot or some other gunk that young boys tend to be associated with the sperm would probably not thrive at all. A bath is usually a good deal warmer than blood heat and sperm tend to thrive at a lower temperature than normal which is why testicles are placed low down on the outside of the body.

Next the ph value of bath water plus detergent based bubbles and suchlike is likely to be entirely wrong for the sperm to thrive. Bathwater is usually quite alkaline.
The vestal virgins of ancient Rome weren't called that because they were virgins but because they knew the secret of contraception. They customarily inserted a piece of rock salt into the vagina making it too alkaline for the sperm to survive.

Next it is highly unlikely any of the "semen" entered your vagina. Compared to the size of a bath the couple of cc's of an ejaculation would be almost lost in there. Your vagina is a closed vessel and water would not flow into it easily unless it was wide open and if it was wide open the water would flow out again as soon as you stood up. You are a virgin and your vagina still has strong muscle tone and as it is nearly impossible to be in an average bath while waving your legs around enough to accomplish what you imagine I believe your fears are groundless.

There is one more very important reason why you aren't pregnant. The day after your period you are sterile. Your period has cleaned out your uterus of its temporary lining and the unfertilised ovum and if your periods are regular it will not be until your next ovulation when pregnancy will be possible again in around a couple of weeks time.

The next thing you need to know is how stress can manifest as physical symptoms; making existing things worse and creating completely new things. Stress can delay a period and even stop it altogether and often does, usually when pregnancy is feared most the expected period doesn't turn up which increases the worry.

I hope this helps. Please come back again if you need to discuss anything in more detail.
You have no need to run away or to commit suicide. In practice, if your worst fears had been realised you must confide in someone to advise you and not simply react because a person who is close to panic does not think rationally. Your parents would initially be shocked and bewildered but would undoubtedly give you the best support it is possible for a girl to have.

Your feelings about incest are understandable. It is true in the normal way of things it isn't desirable but you should realise if the Christian Bible is to be believed we are all fruits of incest. unapproved advertising were strictly one person who created the next generation. The generation after that was produced by Adam, Eve and their children. By modern thinking several generations after that was created by incest. God not only made it possible but He approved.

You have perhaps been educated to believe incest is evil but it is not evil. For some people it gives them the only chance of a happy stable relationship they will ever have.
The British relationship counselling service Relate, previously the Marriage Guidance Service, carried out a survey about incest around twenty-five years ago. They found there are an estimated fifty thousand perfectly satisfactory incestuous adult relationships being conducted in Britain at any one time. This can be taken as a snapshot of the situation in the rest of the world.

Something that brings so much happiness to so many but causes little or no bother to anyone else can hardly be the evil it is claimed to be. It is important not to confuse these adult relationships with the common perception of child-abuse as so many choose to do.

It is also worth noting the high level of illegitimate births and single parent families and general permissiveness since the 1960's probably means lots of people are in incestuous relationships without knowing it.

I hope that has given you food for further thought.

Good luck!
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