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Bronchitis treatment

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Chronic and acute cases of bronchitis affect millions of Americans every year. But what is bronchitis? And how do types of bronchitis differ?...
Bronchitis can be caused by viruses, fungi or bacteria. But what are the most well known and frequent causes of bronchitis. More info here....
Acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis manifest different symptoms. Learn to identify both types of bronchitis and when you should seek medical help....
hi, im male of 26yrs. i had some bronchitis problems since 1st january 2009 due to chemicals(e.g resin,polyster).
i was prescribed antibiotics metronidazole & amoxilin and prednisolone treatment for two weeks. but after completetion of medic,i got same symptoms,cough and breathing problems.

so ive been to another general specialist and he prescribed me Asthalin"salbutamol spray" piriton and 35mg pregnisolone 1/morning. and i had the second treatment for 2 weeks.
I had to discontinue treatment after some days as i got yellow tongue and sour/bitter taste.ive also noticed abnormal colour of saliva which is light brown/yellow colour. my tongue texture is yellow furry middle back.
some days later it dissapeared. but i again got severe bronchitis problems...

i had to head to another chest specialist. this time he prescribed me foracort spray, muciclar. i took his prescriptions and again my tongue turn yellow,bitter sour,furry..its worst when digestion begins, i dont feel at ease,and much more sour taste.

Ive stopped bronchitis medicines about a week,and till now everything fine.ive same weight as before"65kg for 1mt70",

No doctors here are able to help me or even understand. my bilirubin Tbil(ie total) was 42.6umol/L four days back,today its already 56.8umol/L. i had echo of lowers organs,liver, bile duct, prostate etc,all seems normal.i did full blood count,everything normal except bilirubin level,i did hepatitis A,B,C everything my eyes have become yellow,my feet are worse darker yellow. my symptoms, a bit discomfort below right rib cage,im a bit tired and feel feverish,and mostly malaise/nausea when digestion starts. my stool colour a bit pale(no obstruction found in echo).sour/acid taste on tongue when digestion starts.

im non drinker, veg 100%,normal weight,had no health problem before.
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