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Bronchitis symptoms after quitting smoking

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I have had quit smoking 2 months ago and have Chest Pain (Not very severe, mild but irritating pain and not always there, like sometimes I do not feel it in the day but after some hours I feel it again) since then, its mainly at the left pectoral muscle, Had an X-Ray done 15 days ago, the Doc said everything is okay and it can be muscle pain, if some one knows about India it was checked in New Delhi (Northern India)when I went on leave.

I came back to Chennai (Southern India - East Coast)), I started having Shortness of Breath (Wheezing) along with that stupid Chest Pain, I am bronchitic since childhood but till the time I was smoking I rarely had to use the inhaler, after reaching Chennai the frequency is 2 times a day. After the puff inhaled I can sleep.
Note - I rarerly used Inhaler when I was in New Delhi or before that in Chennai, It was only after when I returned back I have to use it everyday 2 times, I also tried to use Deriphylin 2 times a day for 3 days - I felt better (did not have the need to use the Inhaler).

In Chennai Where my office is it is an Industrial Area and I feel the pollution in the air making me very uncomfortable.

Note - I used to have this Bronchitis thing in the past when ever the weather used to change in New Delhi (Summers -> Winters).

Any advise would deeply be appreciated.
The Inhaler mentiones is an Asthalin Inhaler - 100ug.

One more thing I never did cough out huge amounts of Cough out when I left smoking.
Smoked for less than 5 years, avg 6 Cigs a day.
My Age is 25 years.

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replied February 16th, 2010
Could it be stress?
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replied February 18th, 2010
Hey Somethingelse thanks for replying...

Does stress cause such serious issues...?
Anyways I have started running and it has reduced my inhaler usage to one puff per day, but that is still too high...

Any hints...???

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replied February 19th, 2010
Oh yes - the human body is one gigantic chemical factory, full of structures that produce and use chemicals. It's a shame that we humans don't come with a manual, but you can educate yourself about your body easily. This is a really good talk to get you started: rowing_up_in_the_universe.html

Consider learning about Ayerveda, since you are in India. ; ) Learn, meditate, do yoga, swim... keep a journal of your diet and exercise so you can see what you actually consume and do - it's much easier to modify our bodies if we know where we're really doing to them.

Earplugs help me a lot, merely by reducing the sensory input (I live in a large city).

Keep the air in your bedroom and your office clear of particulate matter so you can breath better in the two places that you spend the most time. A negative ion generator, ozone machine or HEPA air purifier is very, very helpful.

Consider what you can do to calm and clean your environment and your body. Chart your progress! I think you will be surprised how effective self-care can be and at your young age, you will be setting yourself up for a much happier, healthier life!

If you can sauna or steam in a Turkish bath daily, that may help your lungs and skin be clean. If no sauna is available, bathe daily. Avoid perfume and scented body products.

Good luck!!
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replied November 29th, 2012
Launchpad - Did you feel better eventually ?
Hey Launchpad,

I have exactly the same symptoms as you after quitting smoking. I have had these symptoms for 6 months now, and they are gradually getting better, but no end in sight yet. I smoked for 5 years too, about 4-5 cigarettes a day. Since its been 2 years since your last post, could you tell me if these symptoms eventually subsided ? Are you still taking your inhalers or other medications ?


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