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Broken wrist - Panic attacks

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2 weeks ago I broke the wrist on my right arm. I have to wear the cast at least another 2 weeks.

I never suffered from panic attacks but because of the restriction to the use of my right hand (I'm right handed) and the weight of the plaster I can't sleep very well. So far I had 3 panic attacks at night. I really don't know what to do. I wake up all hot and can't carry on to stay in bed, the heat and the weight of the duvet is all to much. Also my partner next to me who really tried to help me. I try to calm myself down and try to think of something else. Knowing that I can't take this cast off drives me crazy but only at night. During the day I try not to concentrate so much.

Please help. I never broke a bone in my life before and I really can't handle it.

Many thanks
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replied February 1st, 2009
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I can relate, somewhat to your plight as I broke my right foot about 5 years ago (actually snapped the fifth metatarcil at the top end near my baby toe) and I had to wear a boot-cast for a month.
As with you, it restricted my movements immensely because I was limited to the amount of walking I could do and being a fit person who goes to the gym at least 5 times a week and walks as much as possible, this was a serious blow to my lifestyle and regimen. Let's face it - "it sucked bigtime".
I initially had some anxiety (perhaps not quite panic) about the fact that this was the first bone I had ever broke and it made me feel like I was not perfect anymore or that my body was somehow 'damaged goods'. But, I spent a lot of time researching this situation on the internet and found that the best thing for resolving the anxiety was to work constructively on the healing process. Let's face it - the sooner you heal, the sooner the cast comes off, the sooner you get to use your whole body again. So I looked at all the right things to do, for instance for broken bones you should have a calcium enriched diet (perhaps take calcium suppliments), keep the bodypart as immobile as possible as the body requires a motionless environment for the natural bone re-attachment process to occur.

Lastly, it is said that a healed bone is actually stonger than it was originally, although, I'm not sure of this I know that my foot has been great ever since. The cast did come off after 4 weeks.

So bottom line - 1) do some research on the net (an informed person is a better person); 2) use the knowledge you acquire to help speed up the healing; 3) realize that your positive steps will provide a more constructive use of your energy than worrying will ever do.

I hope this helps,

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replied February 6th, 2009
I know your feeling
I have the exact same feeling and no broken foot or leg even comes close. I broke my legs before (both) and my foot (many times - Taekwondo) but now that my arm is broken and in a cast I feel pinned or closed in. Only at night. It is sheer panic. To the point that I cut my cast off. I felt crazy as nothing else mattered but getting my arm free. I had the Dr. put on a removable splint and that helped greatly. I had control again after that. I think it is the lack of control. Not being able to touch, move or see your arm when you want to. It made me think of being buried alive. Not a good feeling at all.

Talk to your Dr. He may be able to give you something you can remove.

Also knowing that others feel as you do helps to. You are not alone.
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replied June 12th, 2009
I know how you fell.
Well dude i know how you feel. I am typing at the moment with a broken wrist ( my left one ) so i'm not gonner type much ok? Its really sad that you keep getting panick attacks almost every night is it or every night? Anyhow I am a sporty person but thankfully left handed. I am not gonner reveel my age but i am still quite young. I am a risk taker and i still play football at school but they let me block the ball with my hand if its coming to hard at me and my wrist. I broke my wrist playing rugby, i was tackled and landed on it causeing me hearing a almight crack and my wrist being all sreewed up. ( and no i'm not meaning that they put screews in it ) It was definitly brocken as it looed a bit like a lighting bolt if i put it my elbow. I broke both bones in my wrist the radius and ulna. I was rushed to hospital in a school car ( i was in school when i broke it ). And had a pin put in it. I had the pin removed without anisthetic and that bloody hurt! But i have learned to cope with it. I might be able to do "gental" badminton with my mum or my friend.
All i say to you dude is dont panic and see a doctor if it gets as worse as CASteel. and if ur still stuck just look up the internet and see what you can do.
1 last thing is that if u want to have a proper shower serch up Limbow water proof casts on google and you should find a thing to go over your arm that keeps the water out so you can have a real shower.

Sorry for any spelling mistakes

*not saying my name Razz*
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replied November 8th, 2010
hi this is the third time i broke my wrist and the forth with a cast on i broke my wrist 2 days ago and im all ready waiting to get my cast off but the best thing to do is think about things u need to do or that u would like to do it hurts alot and im only 16
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