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Broken Wrist Cracking


At the start of 2011 I broke my scaphoid, and had my arm in a cast for a while until it healed.

It's been fine for the most part but recently my wrist has been feeling a little weird, like it needs to be cracked (which is does when I move my wrist).

Should this be some I get checked out or is it nothing to worry about?

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replied September 19th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

If the movement of the wrist is causing you pain, then you should probably have it checked out by a hand surgeon.

Unfortunately, anytime a patient has an intra-articular fracture (a fracture which is in, or goes into, a joint), there is a chance of developing traumatic arthritis.

The scaphoid is what is called an intercalated segment bone. Which means that it is totally within a joint, held to the other bones around it by ligaments, but no tendons actually attach to it to affect motion on it. Thus, it has a lot of joint surface.

Also, once a scaphoid has been fractured, it is possible that it healed with a slight offset, which can accelerated traumatic degenerative changes.

The immobilization required for getting the scaphoid to heal can also cause the body to produce some scar tissue around the joint region. This can sometimes cause popping or snapping within the joint.

But, if the condition is causing you problems, have it checked out by a hand surgeon.

Good luck.
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