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broken upper humorous

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My 11 year old daughter broke her upper humorous right at the growth plate near shoulder. She saw a regular orthopaedic surgeon who has placed her in a sling to heal. Is this the best practice? He says she can't really have a cast due to the location of the broken bone. It would be a partial body cast.

Should I seek a pediatric otho surgeon or is this routine?
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First Helper motomom

replied August 15th, 2009
fractured distal humerus
my son 16 broke his distal humerus but it was displace 1 cm inward. They at a childrens hospital the ortho placed him in a hanging cast to hopefully move the bone back into alignment, 1 week later it was more displaced, they placed more weight on the cast around his forearm, this 1 week later made it more displace. (i feel they placed the weight in the wrong place to more the bone outward)anyway they said "they tried" now it was time for surgery. 14 days after the initial break he had 3 pins put in and they manipulated the bone back into correct alighnment before pinning. It is now perfectly in position and 10 days after surgery he was 50% healed and will get his 3 pins out in 2 weeks. He has been taking symphytum (comfrey) pellets to help heal the bone as well as arnica and bone supplements. If her bone is in complete alignment then normally they don't cast. If its not i would seek new medical attention to make sure it heals right. hope this helped.
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replied September 23rd, 2009
my son broke his humerous and we had surgery the next day which the doctor said we could let it heal by it self but I am so glad we did the surgery he's recovery was so much faster and his arm is stronger with the 6 screws. now we have a broken collarbone and he is in so much pain. The recovering is twice as long without surgery. Don't hestiate to do surgery.
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