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broken tib and fib in 2000 12 years later

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hi all i broke my tib and fib in 2000 bike accident was on crutches for 2 years had to have 3 opp's as i got staffacocas infection in there and had antibiotic beads put in around my bone got back up on my feet in 2002 though all good in the end . in 2005 had my screws removed 2 ankle 2 in knee as they was giving me gip . i still have the pin in the bone and now in 2012 this winter where i broke my leg in that same spot i'm getting swelling and and throbbing but when i rest after days work its fine again , i've been active running etc since 2005 the more running i did the better my bone felt with no pain , this year has to stop running due to bad back so i didn't not run at all this winter just seems to have got worse . if i have pin removed will the pain go on that point where i'm feeling it, right on my old break . don't no what to do tried running again and it hurts to much , i thought i could jog it off like i did back in 2005 . i\'m 42 so not sure if its just me getting old and expect pain ? i feel like i want to keep running to see if the pain will go again like before but i'm scared now as they might be something nasty going on in there. also where i have the break i still have like a golf ball of bone around the break is that normal any ideas thanks guys
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replied March 8th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

The large amount of callus (a golf ball of bone around the break) is very normal, especially in fractures that have had on infection in them.

It is concerning that you are having an increase in pain at the fracture site, after a period of doing so well.

A recurrence, or an indolent, infection is always a concern, though it has been a very long time. So, this is low on the list, but has to be ruled out.

Removal of the intramedullary (IM) nail probably would not take your pain away. It is always an option, if the bone is completely healed (without any infection). But, it is another operation. The incision at the knee would have to be reopened, the end of the nail found, and then hammered out of the bone. Again, it probably would not take your pain way, but would be an option, if nothing else helps.

But, since your are having a significant increase in your pain, after a period of great activity (being able to run, etc), you need to see your orthopedic surgeon for an evaluation.

Some new x-rays and maybe some labs need to be done.

Hope that it is not something serious, and that you can get back to your activities.

Good luck.
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replied March 14th, 2012
I have the same thing. im 14 years old and do competitive cheerleading. I'm going to go see my orthopedic surgeon tomorrow to see what is going on. As well i broke my tib and fib in 2011 and it has recently been giving me pain and i have the swelling to the point wear my ankel truns purple and i have the dubble ankel on my tib also the "golf ball" bone. is their anything else i should do?
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replied May 9th, 2013
i am a 48 year old man and had a nail and screws put in 6 to 7 months ago it is pretty good but iv done a lot off work on it i get pain in the area wair the screws are ankle and knee but the worst pain i have ever felt was my knee when i woke up after the opp to all older people it is possible to get over this quickly if you work on it
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