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Broken Relationship...How to convince her?

This is an unintentional problem that has brought about a rift between my relationship with my best friend. few days back when I was coming back from my institute, I had pressure and there was a long way to go. My friend asked me to relieve at his home which was nearby. His sister is my best friend. He led me to his home. I straightway went to the toilet. when I opened the gate i found his sister taking bath. I said sorry and come out. When she was out I tried to convince that it was not done intentionally. From that day we have a sour element in our friendship. We used to have chats and she used to treat me in a nice manner which now is missing in her behavior. how do i convince her? Please suggest...
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replied June 21st, 2009
i try not to let anyone stress me over anything. this was an accident, and you apologize. they can either except it or not. if you didnt do anything wrong you shouldn't stress yourself over it.
they didnt have to take it the way they did. have you always given her respect? have you ever tried talking to her in a provocative way, that might suggest your interested in her?
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