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Broken humerus on left arm

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Hi i`m a 29 year old man i fell on black ice a week ago, this left me with a humerus fracture on left arm, but at a and e they managed to give it better shape and now it is just broken. I have no pain in my wrist hand or shoulder, but above my elbow it is stiff and sore. I had a cast which was changed and a different sling put on yesterday, the bones need to fuse together and are in a decent position, when i leave the arm in sling it seems quite low not sure if this is arm maybe getting a bit straighter when i was sleeping, my dr said i shouldn`t be letting it hang like i had to in first week, so when im on chair bed etc should i move it so it is along my stomach or let it go to my side? Thanks for any help and advice
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replied January 7th, 2010
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Do what the doctor told you...Be sure not to make your own rules...My husband has gone through two shoulder surgeries where he was in a sling so I know of the pain in the neck that they can be...If he told you to sleep with it on, then sleep with it on...Believe me it does pay off in the end....Good luck and take care...

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