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Broken fibula, I fell four foot onto an ankle rolled in

Hi, so nearly two weeks ago I fell four foot onto an ankle rolled in and so went to a and e who put me in a backslab cast and told me it was a non displaced clean break in the fibula (apparently it was by the growth plate)
So I went to a fracture clinic appointment who gave me a walking boot and said I can walk on it if I want. So when I got home I tried to place a bit of weight on it and it hurt very badly so I remained off it the rest of the day. Today I just placed it on the floor which was worse pain than yesterday, and even resting I can feel like a sharp constant pain which I did not feel in the cast.
First question, (forgot to ask at fracture clinic with a big rush happening) why a boot rather than a cast. Like does it heal quicker etc?
Second question, how do I know when I have over done it in terms of trying to walk on it? I was in agony earlier by putting a bit of pressure on it. Will it just become easier in a few days maybe?

Thankyou for any infomation in advance!
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