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Broken Femur Pain

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Broken Femur.

Hi there, hope someone can help. I broke my femur just under a hip replacement on 14/12/11. On 20/12/11 it was operated on with the plate also screwed into the original replacement.
Some days my weight bearing is good and I can walk around the house with a limp, other times I am on a walker in agony. The pain runs from my groin to my knee.
It looks to be a long process but cannot believe the pain after this long. Does anyone else have the same problem.
I am 60 in May.
Thank you,
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replied March 9th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

Femurs can take quite a while to unite. While it is variable, it usually takes around 10-20 weeks for the bone to heal, and that does not include the time for the soft tissues to be rehabilitated.

Limping is usually due to one of three things: pain, decreased range of motion, or decreased strength (or a combination). Until all of these are addressed, you will have a limp.

Since you are having episodes of intense pain, you should contact your surgeon. Theoretically, your pain should be getting better and better as time passes. For you to continue to have setbacks, with intense pain, something is going on, which needs to be checked out.

Hope that everything is okay, and that is just part of the post-op healing process. But, again, you should be getting better, not continuing to have problems.

Good luck.
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replied March 9th, 2012
Thank you Gaelic, I will contact the surgeon.
On my good days it is much better, but I think I may cause a lot of the problems with minding my grandchildren and picking up and carrying the one that is not walking yet. LOL It does feel more like muscles than bone, but I am no doctor. Thank you again for your help.
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replied April 4th, 2012
As it happened I bent the prosthesis which was screwed into my hip. I am in a wheelchair for a month to try to heal the femur. I have x-rays on 11th of this month and hopefully I may soon put some weight on it again but this time I will not do anything silly.
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replied June 7th, 2012
femur break not healing
Just an update on what is happening with my femur. I broke it on 14/12/11. Everything going well until March 12 when I was having terrible pain walking. I had bent the plate that is screwed into my artifical hip as the bone is not healing. I have Rh. Arthritis so take cortisone and also take thyroxine due to removal of my thyroid after cancer. To make a long story short I am still in a wheelchair and on crutches and only allowed to put 10% pressure on the leg. It sometimes gets me down but I guess I can do nothing but hope the bone starts to knit.
We had planned a trip around the west coast of australia and I am still going on that trip taking wheelchair, and crutches. Maybe the walker if things are healing.
If it does not heal I will have to have a revision of the hip when I return so I can only hope things get better.I do not want to spend another christmas recovering.
I can see I am not the only one having problems. Good luck to you all. sunny
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