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Broken femur/fibula/tibia and Skateboarding

So I'm new to this forum and to broken bones. I just have a question and I'm hoping someone can give me some advice.

About 7 months ago I broke my femur, fibula, and tibia in a MVA. These past 7 months have been brutal to my mental health for the reason that I led an active lifestyle. So I've been through tons of PT and home exercises, bike riding in the past 4/5 months to try and get back my normal life. I've progressed tremendously. Been to the orthopedic doctor also and he said my bones are looking good and were pretty much healed. That was about a month ago.

If it's useful I have a rod from my hip to my knee with 6 screws in it. Then I also have a three inch plate down on my fib/tib with some screws in it as well.

So my question is, when will I be able to start skateboarding again normally. I've been a skateboarder for ten years so I do know what I'm doing. I can "ride" my board quite well. Anytime I start trying tricks though my lower leg has pain from the impact of jumping.
Is it just a mental and physical block from my body that I have to slowly progress out of or does there need to be more time before I start going at it again. Maybe because my lower leg needs some more time?

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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replied March 19th, 2015
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7thSon - Sorry to hear about your accident! I can entirely relate with your questions!!! I too am extremely active, but after being in a really bad ATV accident 21 months ago, and three surgeries later, I’ve definitely asked myself the same question you are asking…

I am back to riding, but I still experience anxiety, because of the nature of the accident. I also ride very aggressively on a snowmobile, and I will get so uptight because there are certain things I can’t do, because my leg is so weak. My last surgery was 6 months ago, so I’m hoping just to be patient, and let time heal things.

It’s hard however, when I see a professional snowmobiler that I’m acquainted with get back into hard core sledding about 10 + months after running into a tree, and breaking his tibia/fibula - also getting the IM Nail. When I ride, and there are a lot of whoops on the trail, it’s very painful to have the vibration to my leg. So how can some people get back to doing those kinds of things without problems? What I figure, is they have the time and money to train hard with a physical therapist; working on the injury and strengthening your body!!

My only advice I can give you, is take it day by day, and don’t look too far out in the future. I try to tell myself, that I’m happy I’m actually alive, and I have my leg, as I was told if it wasn’t for my riding boots the leg would have probably snapped completely off. So I wish you the best and do hope you can get back on the board and do what you love doing!!!

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