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broken femur and fractured hip

On July 6, I broke my femur and fractured my hip. The break was just below the hip bone. It was a clean diagonal break that dislocated. A chunk of bone in the inside of the femur also broke off. I had major surgery and was in rehab for a month. A titanium rod was inserted through my hip bone, connecting to another titanium rod that extended down to my knee. Now that I am more mobile, I get a sharp pain inside my knee cap, which is almost intolerable. It is not constant, but when it happens, I can not walk. ibupropen seems to help. What causes this. It has been almost 5 months since surgery. I am 65 years old and was told my fast rehab was due, in part, because i'm thin and don't carry any extra pounds. But the sudden episodes of knee pain concern me.
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