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broken condom stuck in vagina

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My fiance and I had sex a few days ago and the condom broke and he came inside of me. I took plan B the following morning. Neither of us realized that a piece had broken off the condom and was still inside of me. We found it 2 days later when we had sex again and it got stuck to the new condom when he pulled out. What can happen to me? Am I going to get an infection? Thank you!
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replied November 13th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

A retained piece of condom for a couple of days will usually not cause an infection. However, if the gentleman has an STD, that can get transmitted due to a broken condom. But, having a small piece of the condom material in the vagina for a couple of days will most likely not cause any problems at all. The condom material is inert and the body will not react to it (unless it is made of latex and the women has a latex allergy, but in that case, she would have reacted to just the regular use of the condom).

Sometimes, if a woman has a retained foreign body within the vagina for an extended period of time, such as a forgotten tampon, an infection can occur. Rarely, a large retained foreign object (such as a sex toy) can become lodged or lost in the vagina. Something like this could cause a pressure sore on the inside of the vagina, which could result in an infection.

An infection will usually produce symptoms such as a foul odor, a discharge, itching, and/or pain in the lower abdomen.

If a woman develops the symptoms of an infection, she should see her physician as soon as possible. If a large foreign body becomes lost or lodged in the vagina, again, she should see her physician or go to the ER.

Sometimes, a woman can retrieve a lost tampon or other foreign body herself. With clean hands, or wearing gloves, the woman can sweep the finger through and around the vagina. But, if the foreign body cannot be felt or easily retrieved, further probing or the use of another object should not be attempted.

If you are concerned that the piece of condom was there for a couple of days, wash the vagina with a washcloth and mild soap, being sure to rinse thoroughly. Douching can be done, but usually the risks associated with douching outweigh the benefits. However, it is unlikely that a small piece of a retained condom for a couple a days would cause any problems.

But, if you are concerned, contact your gynecologist for advice.

Good luck.
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