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Broken Condom - chances of pregnancy ?

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me and my boyfriend(now ex-boyfriend) last had sex on December 4th, and the condom broke after he ejaculated. my last period started around November 22nd. and my next period should be due anywhere between December the 15th through the 23rd, cause they normally start anywhere between those days every month. But i want to know based on that information, what are the chances of me being pregnant? Are they high, and when will be the soonest i could take a pregnancy test, and when is the earliest i would be able to notice any symptoms?

Sorry it was so long and there were so many questions, im just a little worried.. Thanks in advance! rainbow
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replied December 13th, 2009
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There is a good chance that it was during your high fertility window. With a 28 day cycle (next period on 12/20, it might have been on your ovulation day. (With cycles from 27 days to 32 days you would have been in the danger zone.)

Your chances will thus be the same as having had sex with no protection, about 30% (1 in 3 couples get pregnant).

The earliest you can test with one of the early detection kits are about 4 days before your next expected period. (First Response Early Result was found to be the best in early testing by consumer testing organizations).

You should repeat the test 7 days later to confirm the result if you do not get your period by that time.

Best of luck!
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