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broken bones in foot and ankle

Five weeks ago, a queen-sized loft bed fell on my ankle. Initial x-rays showed a suspicious "line" on the bottom of my fibula. The ER Dr. thought it was broken but the Radiologist who read them the next day said it wasn't. I couldn't put any weight on it and the pain was a 9 out of 10. When I talked to the treating physician again, she ordered a CAM boot and said that I should see the Ortho Dr. 10 days later, I finally got in to see him. The new x-rays showed that the fibula was definitely broken and that the tendons had snapped another little piece of bone off of the cuboid. Dr. said 4 more weeks in boot.
Then today, had a follow-up and thought I'd graduate out of the boot and into a small brace BUT that didn't happen. When the Dr. was examining my foot, he hit a spot (farther up toward the toes) and the pain was horrible!!! He ordered more x-rays. They showed another bone, 5th metetarsal, that was broken and the piece was free-floating. The Dr. said he'd give it a couple more weeks and if it isn't MUCH better, he will do surgery to remove that piece of bone.
My question is...can this bone heal without surgery? If it doesn't, and remains free-floating, how much trouble will it cause? Is there ANY other treatment, besides surgery, that will get me back to walking normally?...working normally?
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replied December 8th, 2010
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Hi marscze and welcome to ehealth: I am not a doctor nor in the profession...However, I know quite a bit about pain and suffering with the legs and feet...I, too, have broke a bone in my foot...IMO, with a free floating piece of bone I can see no way that this will heal without a lot of pain if left in place...But, this is me talking...I am not a surgeon....I think you have a very painful injury and putting the pressure of walking on it doubles the pain...Whatever way you go, I wish you well....Take care...

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