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Broken blood vessel in penis ?

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In my junior year in high school, I started holding to pee for 4 months when my schedule was changed. There was no lunch period so I hardly went to the bathroom. It didn't bother me that much when I holded peeing 3 hours everyday of the school day. I did go several times but I just hated being asked by teachers why I go out the bathroom everyday in their classes. 4 weeks later I felt a weird pain on the right side of my bladder, but it went away a couple of weeks later. Sometimes when I holded for too long, even after I went to the bathroom afterward, I still have the feeling that i need to pee. One day, I felt a slight sharp pain on my penis and I felt that something bad must have happened. So I went home and check and my penis. I found purple and yellowish color below the tip of my penis. not on the foreskin. I did not feel any pain but I am worried that something bad might have happened. I am really scared and I was to embarrassed to tell anybody. I have been stop holding pee for 2 months now but the color is still there. Sometime these days I started to get some weird feelings. I really hope that it will get better soon. Can it be broken blood vessels? It doesn't hurt when I touch it.

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