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Broken Ankle Recovery

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Hi there!

I dislocated and broke my ankle in 2 places and tore the ligament back in March 2008. I had an Open Reduction Internal Fixation with 4 screws placed in my ankle the day of the break. I started in a boot for 2 weeks following surgery and then was placed in a hard cast for 8 weeks. I had surgery after the 8 weeks to remove 2 of the screws and was placed in a walking cast for 3 weeks.

I completed about 6 weeks of PT. My ankle healed nicely according to my Ortho. I went for my 12 month follow-up back in March and was told that everything was good and that the pain should lessen over time.

Well, I am in month 18 since I broke it and I have a lot of tightness in my ankle as well as recurring pain. My ankle feels like and needs to be "popped" frequently to relieve the uncomfortableness of it. It still appears swollen to me in comparison to my other foot.

Is this kind of pain, tightness, and uncomfortableness something that I can expect to have to deal with for the rest of my life or is this uncommon?
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replied July 11th, 2009
Extremely eHealthy
You need to get a second opinion from another orthopedic surgeon that specializes in ankles.

Get all of your records together, pre surgery x-rays, post op x-rays, operative reports from both surgeries and all office notes from you present orthopedic surgeon.

You will need all of that to bring to another orthopedic surgeon.

You should not be having this kind of pain 18 months post surgery.

It could be that the screws are not stable in your ankle and are coming out. They could be pressing on muscle tissue or nerves.

My son had a disaster of an ankle fracture when he was 15. So badly broken that there was no ankle left and it had to be reconstructed with pins, plates, screws ETC.

He had to have some of the screws removed several months after the first surgery as they where forcing there way out of the bone.

2 years later he had to have the rest of the screws, pins and plates removed because they where coming out as well. The symptoms he described to the orthopedic surgeon where exactly like yours.

Since removing all of the hardware from his ankle, at 17, he has run the Boston Marathon 4 times, NY marathon 3 times, and is a long distance runner still at the age of 31.

Get a second opinion and be sure that:

1. you use an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in ankles

2. the orthopedic surgeon you use has no affiliation with the present ortho that you are using or does surgery in the same hospital.

Good luck

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replied September 16th, 2010
I broke my fib two weeks ago I have taken of the cast which feels fine but should I risk lifting the cooker?
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