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broke up after 6 years, falling in to an open relationship

We broke up pretty badly 5 months ago after 6 years of a relationship - we both got bored he just had the luck to find someone else earlier than me. But that's over now and we're both 21 studying at the same uni, same course and hooked up at a party last week. Since then we've been sleeping together and in general having a good time. We established we're not able to be together again just yet, but at the same time neither one of us can find any one better to do projects with or talk to. We just seem to click extremely well probably because we just grew up together? I'm a bit confused on how I should feel about the whole situation, I seem to be happy now - but I'm a bit afraid this might spiral out of control in some very weird way. any comments or advice on how to handle this wisely?
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replied March 7th, 2010
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Hi pszczolka,

If you want a platonic relationship with this person, have one. If you want to resume your boyfriend, girlfriend status, do so. It appears that the two of you enjoy each other sexually but aren't committed to stay in a committed relationship.

Good Luck,

Faded Rose
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