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Bright red spotting after exercise?

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I spend alot of time on the elliptical (about 4-6 miles every 2 days) and recently after such a workout, I came home and had the sensation of warm wetness...which of course, turned out to be bright red clotty blood. *period was over 5 days ago-I am 46 yrs old. This is not the first time this has has been 3 days now and I am still spotting bright red - it was heavier when it began. Has anyone had this happen after exercising? Would this have anything to do with endo? I had some cramping several days back..
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replied August 30th, 2008
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From personal experience. Endo can creep upon you and do this...especially when it is progressing. I finally had an ablation, wish I had done it years ago.

Since this is not the first time that this has happened to you I would seek medical advise for a proper diagnosis. That's what I did.
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