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bright red blood and mucus in stool

Sorry if I go into too much detail explaining my symptoms, but its kinda hard not to with this issue. I'm a 22 year old female. There is a lot of bright red blood every single time I use the bathroom and its not a normal stool, it's kind of mucus looking and sorta looks like blood clots/chunks of blood. Sometimes I fart and its just straight blood. I go about 5 times a day and I have a lot of abdominal pain when I go. It also hurts real bad after I go, sometimes I have to lay down and curl up in a ball for at least 20 minutes after using the bathroom just to relieve the pain. Every time I eat I usually have to go within 30 minutes; it seems as if everything I eat is going straight through me. I've lost 10 pounds in the past 1 and a half to 2 months of having this issue, which is very unusual because I am not active and I eat a lot. I am also concerned that I could be anemic from losing this much blood because I am always tired, sometimes very dizzy when I stand up, and I bruise very easily.
I went to my family doctor about a month or so ago and she said it could be from constipation because I was taking a medicine to reduce the amount of acid in your stomach and a common side effect to it is constipation. I was put on that medication because I was having severe stomach pains and feeling nauseous every time I ate. They did an ultrasound to check my gallbladder but they said everything looked okay and determined I had excess stomach acid. The medicine helped, but then I started to have this problem shortly after.
My family doctor told me to take stool softeners (which didn't help) and come back in a few weeks for a follow up. I just moved to a different state though, so I was not able to make it to the follow up appointment and it has gotten worse since then.
About a year and a half ago I had a similar problem. There was blood in my stool, but it wasn't anything like this, it was still normal (other than the blood). I had a colonoscopy and they determined that there was just inflammation in my colon and gave me suppositories and that fixed the problem.
I know I should probably go to a doctor, but I'm scared that there is something seriously wrong. Should I go to a family doctor first or try to find a gastroenterologist in my area?
Please help, it keeps getting worse so I am freaking out!
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replied July 12th, 2013
Can anyone help me? Please!
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