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Breathless - Hiatus hernia ???

Ok il try and explain my symptoms as much as i can. This past month ive been extremely breathless (especially after eating) it also gets worse when im lying down. Im also very bloated and have a feeling of a lump in my throat,

Whenever ive eaten it feels like my stomach is in my chest (hard to explain) and i find it hard to breathe. I had a ecg last week to test my heart and im waiting for the results. But im convinced the problem is my stomach.

Im also very weak and tired, my pulse feels like its pounding and beating fast and my stomach feels like its pounding after ive eaten. I get heart burn and feel very sick after eating.

Im getting sick of feeling like this, and to make it worse i was diagnosed with glandular fever last week. I just feel so bad all the time.

Could it be a hiatus hernia?
Any help would be appreciated.
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replied August 21st, 2009
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It sounds as you have a hiatal hernia that is manifested with acid reflux symptoms.
Actually, the hernia means stomach bulging up into the chest through the diaphragmal opening and this is usually more prominent when lying down (sliding hiatal hernia).
Sliding hiatal hernia when interferes with breathing causes breathlessness or sense of suffocation.
That's why isn't advisable to lye down immediately after meal.
The sensation of nodule in throat and chest discomfort are not so common symptom of acid reflux.
Feeling very sick, full and bloated after meal are symptoms of hernia, too.

Best wishes!
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