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Breathing Issues

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Hi I have a problem that started 4 month ago (September 2011)
I have trouble breathing at night and sometime in the morning, lying down
i went to see 3 different doctors and got different opinions
im 33 yo, running 3 times a week all my life
i eat healthy, always, not smoking, when i use asthma inhaler my blood prussure goes up
i did CT scan and its all good
i did eco heart and its perfect
i did all the blood testing and im good
i saw a lung specialist that said im ok
and maybe its a very lite asthma he did the metacholin test
and its actually didnt indicate that i have asthma
i have hard time breathing after i exercise not right after
only at night the same day after, sometime in the morning too
i bought blood pressure machine, as soon as i woke up my blood pressure is 140/90
5 min after its back to normal 115/75, i think its because i put effort breathing lying down
i cant run anymore and trying not to use the inhaler so my blood pressure stay normal
the lung specialist said that 100% its not COPD, MAYBE a lite asthma
iv been SUPER healthy all my life and im losing my mind cause of this
i tryied so many natural remedies and i really dont think its asthma either Or anxiety
i do have wheezing sometimes, mornings and before bed, and my nose seems to be half blocked
but i wasnt diagnosed with asthma and i just know its not the case
My mom was a doctor now that shes gone no doctor seems to care enough to solve my issue
Please Help!
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