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breathing difficulty when bend over

Hi Doc:
Whenever I bend over to pick up something I feel like I can't breeze. If I pick up something or just bend over to try and pull some weed I'll have to stand up or sit down for several minutes to cached my breath. It has gotten much worse lately to the point I'm gasping for air I'll take big mouthful of air and quickly blow it out only to start again till my breath caches up. I should tell you that I have been dia with COPD and I also have Multiple Sclerosis. If you could please just point me in the right directions
Thanks Jim M
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replied August 2nd, 2009
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I'd say your problem is associated with COPD.

You should go back to your doctor to be re-evaluated to make sure that it is not being caused by something else and that your COPD is not progessing.

Best Wishes,

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