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Breast MRI with a Harrington Rod

I have a Harrington Rod (placed in 1977). Currently 46 yo female. I was just diagnosed with breast cancer. They wanted to do a breast MRI. The machine has you lay face down and your back is curving forward from the waist. I couldn't do it. The pain in my ribs & back was terrible after about two minutes. They of course thought it was a panic attack ( not that my spine doesn't bend!) and gave me Xanax. I still couldn't do it. If I can't stay in that position for more than a few can I stay for a 30 minute MRI?

They tried every type of pillow and foam to get my just didn't work. I know that this test is of the utmost importance. I am rescheduled for next Wed.

Have any of you with a similar rod managed to do this test? Any advice appreciated.
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replied December 22nd, 2012
Especially eHealthy

Sorry you are having problems.

It is possible to heavily sedate you, but it is risky. When small babies have to have MRIs, they are given pretty stong sedation to keep them from moving. But, there is always a crash cart handy, along with a pediatrician. However, it is much easier to sedate a small child, to keep them from moving, than it is to blunt pain so much that an adult is comfortable.

But, again, it is risky, because of the possibility that you could stop breathing.

If there is just no way to position you in the machine, so that you can lay still for the required amount of time, the physician will have to make the decision to sedate you or do some other type of evaluation.

Good luck.
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