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Breaking up with my boyfriend because of his parents?

I'm a 17 year old guy and I've known this guy, let's call him Jack, for a couple years now. I've known him mainly from church groups, but I didn't really get to know him until this past summer. At the ended of the summer I ended up moving (8 hours away) and we jokingly said that we'd text everyday. Well that turned into casual flirting and I found out that he was gay. Jack is a pretty Christian kid, having gone to a private Christian middle and high school and knew that his parents would probably not approve. But we really really liked each other, so we tried to do some long distance relationship and hoped that it would work out until I moved back up for college. Jack's 21 and his parents are pretty conservative Christians, so when he told his parents he was gay they weren't happy. They tried to convince him that he wasn't trying hard enough not to be gay, etc...(he didn't tell them about me of course, mainly because of the slight age difference). For that reason we had to break up. He used to drive down every month or I would visit during any of my breaks off school (about 10 months now). This last time that I saw him, about 2 weeks ago, we decided that it would be the last time we kissed, etc. I love him so much because I know how much he cares for me. But I don't know what to do because he has a personality in which it is easier for him to cope with this, compared to me. He knows how to ease off of liking me, while I just act all depressed and wish I could like him. We've talked for hours about this. And how he couldn't live with his parents hating him, so he definitely wouldn't make a permanent decision until after grad school. But I just love him so much and I have no idea what to do...I am not sure exactly what I'm asking. Just confirmation that we're doing the right thing for now? I don't know...
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