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breakdown on nutrition table doesn't add up to the serving size

I wonder if the breakdown amount of the nutrition info on the food label should be equal or close to the indicated serving size?
Example: utrientprofile&dbid=82
Broccoli, serving size =156 gram:
protein 4.66 g
carbohydrates 8.19 g
dietary fiber 4.68 g
soluble fiber 2.03 g
insoluble fiber 2.65 g
sugar - total 3.12 g
monosaccharides 2.03 g
disaccharides 0.47 g
other carbs 0.39 g
fat - total 0.55 g
saturated fat 0.08 g
mono fat 0.04 g
poly fat 0.26 g
trans fatty acids 0.00 g
cholesterol 0.00 mg 0.00
water 141.49 g
ash 1.48 g
TOTAL IS 183.5g, which is even more than the serving size of 156g.
anyone help? Maybe i just don't know how it works?
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