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Break up sickness and worse

The love of my life recently broke up with me. He really loved me and he still wants to be with me but broke up with me because we cant. I met him online when i was 13 and he was 16 and the connection was instantaneous. After a few months of online chatting i met him in person. I adored him with every fiber of my existence and i was so happy i met someone like him. The only problem? I wasn't allowed to date and we dated any behind my moms back. After almost a year of seeing him happily, my mom found out. All hell broke loose right before our 1st anniversary and my mom blocked his number so i couldnt talk to him. I still kept in touch with him with ipod texting apps, facebook, etc. And after a few months i managed to figure out how to unblock his number. I talked to him again even though i wasn't allowed to and this sounds horrible i know. We wanted a future and kids and we planned our lives together. We picked out our kids names and talked about everything. We kept seeing each other for another year before things started to get bad again. I still wasn't allowed to date and it got harder maintaining a long distance, secret relationship. My mom finally came around and let me be friends with him but recently she found shirtless pics of him on my phone and so hes banned again. Only this time he broke up with me because a lot is going on in his life and he doesn't want to deal with the stress anymore. He truly cares about me and even though he says he doesn't love me anymore but i think he was only saying that cause if i were allowed to date he would in a heart beat. My mom wont let us date because im 15 and he just turned 19. I have no clue what to do and im almost 16 (thats the age im allowed to date). And he refuses to wait because of all the other stress he doesn't want this one. It's killing me being without him and its literally making me sick. I constantly get sharp pains in my stomach that cripple me. I cant eat or drink other wise i vomit. I really miss him and want him to stay but i think its a done deal. I love him with all my heart and he says he cant promise he'll wait, take me back or anything because he doesn't know what the future holds. i constantly want to die because i cant live without the love of my life and i have no clue what to say to make him stay, or what to do to help the situation or convince my mom.

Hes an amazing guy, hes in the process of getting a job. He''s not going to college but he wants to do HVAC. Hes the perfect guy for him and even though im you i feel like ill never love someone like i love him.
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