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brass poisoning symptoms ?

my husband has worked with brass products for a few years now, He has multiple symtoms, and am wondering if anyone has ever heard of being poisoned. His hats and some shirts have green stain to them. at this time he is very sick. Has constant headache, hearing loss, swollen lymph, and nasal blockage all on right side of face, biopsy was done on lymph cam back inconclusive. his job is to constantly be at a grinding wheel polishing brass. Just curious
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First Helper AmberLight

replied April 21st, 2009
Advice from someone who has recovered... finally
I saw your question and was moved by your situation. It certainly sounds like your husband has been poisoned by too much exposure to brass. I am not a doctor of any kind but I have suffered with heavy metal poisoning myself and Id like to offer some suggestions. I used French Green Clay, Selenium (Methylselenocysteine), N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), and a great Green Drink to help move me away from a completely incapacitated state. Your husband seems to be doing a good job of detoxing through his sweat so I suggest you encourage it with hard exercise (if he's able), saunas or steam baths (if available), or long hot showers. Your husband should also eliminate toxins wherever possible so his body can begin clearing the heavy dose of brass. In other words, eliminate all fake and processed foods (like fast foods and non-organic packaged foods), artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colorings. Buy organic food, and buy or filter your water. Also, avoid chemicals used in hobbies like lawn care, painting, house cleaning, etc. Needless to say, your husband needs a new job. Take his disability, if he has any, and begin treating him now so his symptoms dont progress (it can get MUCH worse, sorry to say).

Here's some information on the supplements I suggested. You can do more research online.

1) The Sweet Poison website says, "In 1986 after the meltdown of the Soviet nuclear power plant, Chernobyl, the Soviet Union put French Green Clay in chocolate bars and dispensed them freely to the masses to remove radiation they may have been exposed to. Found only in France and India, the ancient sea beds that provide the green clays have healing qualities that not only attach themselves to and remove toxic foreign substances within the body, but activate the body's own immune system through its chemical constitution. French green clay has the ability to remove toxic metals and chemical residues, bacteria, and blood toxins with virtually no side effects of constipation, diarrhea, or stomach cramping. It is known to remove radiation, arsenic, lead, mercury, and aluminum amid other toxic metals in less than six weeks. The more you use, the quicker you detox." This works great but its very hard to find. I get it at hullisticmarket.

2) NAC is protective against nuclear radiation. I've read that it helps to escort heavy metals out of the system. It's also a Sulfur-containing nutrients that is critical in detoxification and protecting cells.

3) Selenium reduces toxic mercury that accumulates in the kidneys and may help with other metals too. Many people - especially the English - are very deficient. I prefer Methylselenocysteine because it is the kind of selenium found in food (not rocks) and is easily absorbed.

4) Chlorophyll absorbs toxic heavy metals like mercury. Today there are some fantastic green drinks available that will really change your health for the better. Most of them taste terrible. After years of searching Ive finally found one that has tremendous health effects and tastes great. Its called Paradise Herbs ORAC-Energy Greens. Green drinks are rated by how many free radicals they destroy - it's called the ORAC rating. Most really good green drinks have an ORAC of 2000. The green drink I'm suggesting for you has an ORAC of 12,000! It seems expensive but you only need 1 tablespoon per day and it helps to compensate for many dietary mistakes. You can find it at iHerb in 3 sizes.

Finally, pray - a lot - and ask Jesus to reveal to you the healing He has already won for us all. I mention this because I think it was vital to my own recovery.

MDs in the US dont understand this type of illness yet and few will be able to treat it. Keep looking but don't let them experiment too much. Research everything online BEFORE proceeding. Also, please limit the number of lymph node biopsies you allow. The lymph system works as a whole and is seriously encumbered when parts are removed. The lymph system is VITAL to your husband's recovery because its main job is to remove toxins. Exercise (including walking or just moving your limbs when bedridden), massage, and skin exfoliation with a wash cloth or mitt will help the lymph system work more effectively. Naturopaths are often too invasive as well; suggesting chelation (dialysis-like treatments that remove all metals and minerals from the body and can cause severe illness itself), harsh dieting, or even harsher fasting (which can push toxins into the bloodstream too quickly and cause damage to organs - like the brain). You dont want these kinds of setbacks so always start with the LEAST invasive treatment that might be effective.

I hope you can benefit from my long and difficult struggle. God Bless You both.
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replied April 21st, 2009
thank you for the info. you gave, It has been a long year and here's the update on my husband. He had for some time had a tumor growing inside his face, and nose, by the time all the test came back, it started behind the nose went back to base of his skull, and down the back of his throat, He had radiation and chemo. as of this date tumor has shrunk,but is still there it had began to erode into his skull, due to the location of the tumor the doc said they cannot remove it. He is fed through a feed tube he eats nothing by mouth, constantly fighting infections,has hearing loss. Everytime he seems to gain a step ahead something else comes up and it two steps back.I still feel in my heart it is due to the exposure to the brass dust,I could smell it on him when he would come home from work. I thank you again for takeing time to give me the information.
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replied April 21st, 2009
Apparently, industrial dust can cause sinus tumors
I am so sorry for you and your family. I will pray for help, healing and comfort.

I took it upon myself to Google Tumor in Sinus Cavity and it seems you may be right about the brass dust causing your husbands illness. I found an article entitled Malignant Tumors of the Sinuses on a WebMD affiliate site that points to several kinds of dust exposure as the cause of sino-nasal tumors.

Ive included an excerpt from the article below but you can read it yourself at: 89-overview

Consider asking a lawyer for advice because it sounds like a simple OSHA-type mask at the worksite may have helped. Also, Im sure there are other people at that worksite who could benefit from the enforcement of safety and health legislations.

God Bless.

From article: Malignant Tumors of the Sinuses

Risk factors for sino-nasal malignancies (SNM) have been extensively investigated. They are complicated, multi-factorial, and somewhat controversial. The idea that squamous cell carcinoma (SCCA) and adenocarcinoma in this area are associated with exposure to nickel dust, mustard gas, thorotrast, isopropyl oil, chromium, or dichlorodiethyl sulfide is well established. Wood dust exposure, in particular, is found to increase the risk of SCCA 21 times and the risk of adenocarcinoma 874 times.5 Many of these products are found in the furniture-making industry, the leather industry, and the textile industry. A careful social and employment history should be asked of all patients presenting with symptoms concerning for sinonasal malignancies (SNM).6,7"
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