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Brain tumor , 33 year old male

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How possible is it that this is a brain tumor?

I’m a 33 year old male. I’m concerned about a recent MRI report. My Dr. called with the results and told me a spot was found on the MRI. He told me it is not cancer and to just have a follow up MRI in 12 months to be sure of no change. What can cause a spot?

MRI of the Brain without Contrast - Highlights
The ventricles and sulci are midly prominent for the patient's age, suggesting mild diffuse cerebral volume loss. There is a small focal area of abnormal increased T2 signal in the medial aspect of the anterior right temporal lobe. On T1-weighted imaging, this small focus of abnormal signal is slightly hypointense. This small lesion measures approximately 5 mm in diameter. No other white matter or gray matter lesions are identified.
Small focus of nonspecific abnormal increased T2 signal in the medial aspect of the right temporal lobe. Recommended in 6-12 months follow up, as a low grade glioma can have this appearance.

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